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Brake Station - Brakes
Brake Station - Brakes

The brake system on your car is critical to your and other road users safety. Although catastrophic brake system failure is very rare, the condition of your cars brake system can seriously affect the ability to stop in emergency situations or even during daily use.

At Brake Station we have specialist equipment, expert knowledge and experience to test, assess and repair brake systems.

Typical brake system issues:

  • Brake pipe replacement (due to corrosion)

  • Brake discs (due to wear, damage and corrosion)

  • Brake pads and shoes (due to wear)

  • Brake calipers (due to seizure)

  • Brake drum cylinders (due to brake fluid leak)

  • Brake drum (due to wear, damage and corrosion)

  • Hand brake cable (due to sticking)

  • ABS fault diagnostics and repair

Brake Station can carry out the necessary repairs to make your cars brake system perform as it was designed to.

You may be surprised to know that typical brake system repairs cost less than you expect!

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Are your brakes squeaking, grinding or shaking?

Brake Station offers a FREE brakes visual inspection.
If in doubt or simply concerned, call us on 01733 344290 to arrange a FREE visual inspection.

A lit ABS light on the dashboard is indication that the brake system has an error and is an MOT failure.

Brake Station offers diagnostic investigation to establish what the problem with the brake system is.

Call us to book your free visual brakes inspection now.